Repair Meters and Overhead Wiring

Three Prong PlugWhen it comes time to repair meters and overhead wiring, you need a licensed electrician who has the knowledge and expertise to do it right the first time. The nature of these repairs prevents the novice or handyman from doing the work safely, and your local Scottsdale, Arizona building codes strongly suggest hiring a professional for any electrical service. We offer fast, friendly service that includes strict adherence to the National Electrical Code as well as all local and state building specifications, and we only use top quality electrical supplies for our residential and commercial work.

You want an electrician that is licensed and insured, and who has the experience to handle the job quickly and for a minimal cost. We are your local full service electricians and we can repair meters and overhead wiring to their original condition, or upgrade them to handle increased demand. We can also provide you with detailed plans, and have electrical engineers available to help with your next building project.

Low Rates For Electrical Service In Scottsdale

We offer low rates, and we provide emergency service for those wiring problems that just can't wait. Our work is guaranteed, and we stand behind the products we install. Often our services pay for themselves in energy savings, especially when we can repair meters to show accurate readings or eliminate dangerous equipment that is on the verge of failure.

Faulty electrical wiring can be the cause of short circuits or catastrophic fires, and when it comes to overhead wiring, those are the worst kind because any fire has a good chance to get burning before being detected. Let us come inspect your current household wiring and electrical system to see if you are in need of our professional services, or to recommend ways you can save money on your technician installing a outdoor lightingmonthly electric bill.

Most insurance policies require that electrical equipment, meters, switches, and panels comply with all the applicable codes, and our licensed electricians can perform a complete site survey for you, making sure you are in total compliance. We have the trained staff, the service equipment, and the quality replacement parts to handle your electrical installation and repair needs from the outlet to the meter, and our services pay for themselves in reduced electricity consumption. No matter what your electrical needs are, we have experienced, licensed electricians on hand to help. Give us a call to repair meters and overhead wiring before they fail.

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