Getting Hot? Your Scottsdale Electrician Is On The Job

Accel Electrician Truck - Always EquippedOne of the reasons people move to Scottsdale is because of the weather. Snow shoveling, frozen cars and wicked wind chills just don't happen here. But it does get hot in Scottsdale, awfully hot. And when it does, you want to make sure that your Scottsdale electrician has installed energy-saving lights, fixtures and appliances in your home.

The reason is simple: During the hottest days of the Scottsdale summer, your central air conditioning system will be humming. Cooling your home isn't cheap, and it will boost your energy bill. This makes it all the more important to cut your other energy costs as dramatically as possible.

Fortunately, that's what happens when you hire a certified electrical contractor to perform an energy audit. Licensed electrical contractors have taken the continuing education classes that general handymen skip. In these classes, electricians study the latest tips for helping homeowners reduce their monthly energy bills. They learn, too, where the vast majority of energy waste occurs in homes.

During an energy audit, a certified electrical contractor will tour your home looking for potential energy savings. For instance, you might be able to save a significant amount of money if you install light switches in your home entertainment room that automatically shut off your lights if the room is empty for more than 10 minutes. You might also save each month by installing low-voltage lighting in your gardens and outdoor areas as a replacement for traditional outdoor lighting systems.

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Why To Choose Our Electrical Contractors

contact Form / Save $10 Off If Contact Us OnlineGeneral handymen simply don't have the training to perform an energy audit of your home. And they certainly haven't taken the courses necessary to help you identify hidden energy savings. Yes, most handymen will charge fewer dollars to wire your master bedroom addition or install new overhead lights in your basement renovation. But how much more will you spend in the long run when that wiring or lighting results in consistently higher monthly energy bills?

The truth is, when you hire a licensed electrical contractor, you are paying for the experience and education that this professional brings to every job. No one likes to pay more when they are hiring a contractor. But sometimes, it's important to take the long view: When the Scottsdale heat has your air-conditioning running full blast, you'll appreciate the energy savings that a licensed residential electrician will bring.

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